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Affordable Alternative

Plain English Communications is here to help you when adding staff isn’t possible

If your business is like most others, you may be running your marketing department with just a portion of the staff and budget you really require. When marketing budgets and support decrease, business development is sure to follow. If you need to bolster the efficiency and creativity of your communications without increasing permanent staff, then Plain English Communications should be the only call you make.

Plain English Communications provides creative writing services on an hourly basis for companies that need marketing assistance during peak times. We are an affordable alternative to increasing your permanent marketing staff.

If you were to hire a professional writer on a permanent basis, you could pay a premium salary, plus the cost of benefits. You would maintain that financial outlay during peak times as well as during slow periods. Why spend those dollars on a permanent hire when you have so many other places to put them?

By retaining Plain English Communications on a contract basis, you’ll save precious funds that you can then feed back into your business.


Plain English will create the message you need to help increase your business